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Full stainless steel repair clamp L=300mm
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Full stainless steel repair clamp L=300mm
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  • Single clamp repair clamps used for repairing broken or leaking ductile iron,steel,PE or PVC water or sewage pipelines.

Technical characteristics

  • Maximum working pressure:PN16/16 bar;
  • Working temperature: 0ºC - +70°C;
  • Bolt nuts coated in nylon to prevent corrosion;
  • Band - stainless steel SS304, lugs 304 heavy gauge stainless steel, welded to clamp sidebar;
  • Sidebars - 304 heavy gauge stainless steel tungsten Inert Gas welded to form a strong, permanent fusion with the repair clamp band;
  • Lifter bar - 304 heavy gauge stainless steel. Lip curve holds bolts in position while tightening and serves as a bearing surface for nuts;
  • Single band repair clamps, pressure class PN16;
  • Gasket- EPDM, bolts and nuts - stainless steel 304.

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