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Elbow 90° electrofusion PE 100
Elbow 90° electrofusion PE 100
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Material: Polythene
Presiune: 16 bar
Tip: Elbow electrofusion

PE is the most widely used in pipeline systems for assembly of buried gas and water piping. This material also offers many advantages in domestic installations and industrial piping systems.

Theroplastic pipes are jointed by means of electrofusion (EF) fitting incorporating an electrical heating coil which when electrically activated by a electrofusion welding machine, melts the surface of the pipe & fitting together.

There is a barcode label on each of the EF fittings. This label includes fusion parameters (such as welding voltage and duration). Fusion parameters are transferred to the machine from this label either manually or by using the barcode reader.

If you have any questions regarding the right material choice for your application please contact us.

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