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Diaphragm valve DIASTAR 6 PVC-U FC (Fail safe to close)
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Diaphragm valve DIASTAR 6 PVC-U FC (Fail safe to close)
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Material: PVC-U
Tip: Robinet FC
Presiune: 6 bari

The new pneumatic Diaphragm Valves of GF Piping Systems represent a revolution in
terms of safety, efficiency and simplicity. Like the hand valves the new DIASTAR also has a central union nut. This connection is non-corrosive, temperature stable and high pressure rating up to 16 bar.
Because of the doubled flow rate the energy expenditure can be reduced considerably. At the same time the flow characteristic is very linear and thus ideally suited for control applications.
Features like rotatable air connections and pre-tensioned spring-kits facilitate installation and maintenance enormously. The accessory interface allows simple integration into facility automation.

-Double flow rate compared to predecessor
-Rotating air connection at 90° intervals
-For easy installation and removal
-Short overall length

-Individual configuration of the valve at demand.



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