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Standard bend 45° S8.3/SDR17.6 PP-H
Standard bend 45° S8.3/SDR17.6 PP-H
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Material: PP-H
Tip: Bend
Presiune: 10 bar


The PP-H Progef Standard +GF+ is designed for industrial applications where you need high resistance to temperature, abrasion, corrosion and pressure. The material is polypropylene homopolymer, color RAL7032.

Jointing tehnology:

PP-H system advantages:

  • Increased resistance to adrasion, corrosion and pressure
  • High temperatures resistance: 0° - 80°C
  • High impact resistance
  • High resistance to chemicals

The main areas of application:

  • Water treatment
  • Chemical industrry
  • Energy industry
  • Swimming pools with thermal water.

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