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Reduced Coupling restraint
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Reduced Coupling restraint
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Material: Cast iron
Tip: Reduced Coupling restraint
Presiune: 16 bar


The MULTI/JOINT 3000 Plus wide range system meets the demands and is suitable for applications in water and gas.

Technical specifications:

              The body of the fitting is GGG45 ductile iron;

              RESICOAT® epoxy powder coating, according to GSK EN                               14901 standard;

              They are suitable for water and gas;

              The gaskets are EPDM or NBR;

              Can couple different types of materials.

              The couplings are available from DN50 and DN600;

              Pressure: water, up to 10 bar and the gas to 5bar.

WAGA coupling Advantages:

              Save time and money because they do not use concrete                                 blocks to secure the couplings;

              The fittings do not rust, due to Resicoat® epoxy powder                               coating and the body of ductile cast iron;

              Thanks to its design can be easily installed, which allows the                         sliding of the pipe and the deviation of 8 ° (the end of the pipe);

               A reversible screw for fast and easy installation;

               Reduce stock due to high tolerances;

               Bring added value to the system due to safety and reliability.



               Water supply networks and sewage;


                Pumping stations;

                Maintenance and repairs

                Gas distribution networks;

                Pressure tests.
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