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Automatic Electrofusion Unit MSA 125
Automatic Electrofusion Unit MSA 125
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type: Electrofusion
  • The MSA 125 automatic electro fusion unit combines light weight and compact design, for installers who need to weld fittings up to diameter 125mm (160mm if ELGEF) , in building technology and gas/water distribution applications. The unit is extremely simple to use, with a few basic operations required to operator: connect, confirm, scan, and start the fusion.It is robust, safe and ergonomic.
  • The entire welding process is controlled and regulated with energy output compensation depending on ambient temperature and the indication of cooling time.

  • The unit has 350 fusion protocols permanently stored in the internal memory. The user can copy the fusion reports in an USB stick to print them out in PDF format.
  • Scope of delivery includes: 1 pair of angle adapter clips 4.0 mm, operating instructions and robust transport case

  • Technical Data:

 -Operating temperature: -10°C to 45°C
-Fusion data input mode: bar code, manual
-Mains voltage: 230V (205V - 255V)
-Mains frequency: 50-60 Hz
-Welding technique: Voltage controlled
-Fusion voltage: 8-42 V
-Fusion current: 50 A (max)
Internal memory capacity: 350 protocols
-Fittings range: d20-125 mm (ELGEF up to d160)
-Protocols format: PDF, CSV
-USB Port: Type A
-Protection factor: Class 1 / IP 54
-Fusion cable: 3 m
-Mains cable: 4 m
-Weight: 13 kg
-Display: Graphical LCD, adjustable contrast
-Languages support: English, Italian, Chinese and French



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