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Butt Fusion Machine ECOS 160 - 250 - 315
Butt Fusion Machine ECOS 160 - 250 - 315
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Material: Aluminiu
Tip: Cap-Cap (Fara reductii)


  • Butt Fusion machine to joint PE, PP, PB pipes and fittings for pressure piping systems on building sites and in trenches.

  • Hydraulically operated with manual control unit.

  • Temperature controller integrated in the heating element handle.
  • Including transport packaging (carton pallet); reduction clamping inserts and other accessories to be ordered separately.


-High precision design, distortion-free and sturdy machine frame
-Good accessibility thanks to 35° inclination
-The movable (sliding) 3rd clamp allows easy and time-saving fixation of bends or tees without need of additional tools
-Clamps are hinged on the top side and tilting. Whenever necessary, the four clamps can be quickly removed
-Double-sided heating element pull-off mechanism to optimise the change over phase
-Weight: Type 160 = 22 kg, Type 250 = 47 kg, Type 315 = 53 kg

-Compact construction with protection frame
-Precise pressure setting and fine adjusting
-Joystick operation of machine carriage
-Clearly visible, vibration-free pressure gauge with precision scaling
-Accumulator for pressure equalization during the cooling phase
-Integrated interface for welding recorder
-Max operating pressure: Type 160 = 100 bar, Type 250 - 315 = 160 bar Weight:  22 kg

-Powerful parallel planer for single or double-sided facing of pipe ends
-Ergonomic, weight-balanced handling
-Self-locking mechanism in working position
-Safety microswitch to prevent undesired start-up
-Weight: Type 160 = 7 kg, Type 250 = 14 kg, Type 315 = 17 kg

-High performance, electronically controlled heating element
-High-quality, non-stick PTFE-coating with long service life
-Temperature indicator integrated into the handle
-Weight: Type 160 = 5.5 kg, Type 250 = 8 kg, Type 315 = 10 kg
-Input power: Type 160 = 1200 W, Type 250 = 2000 W, Type 315 = 2500 W

-For safe storage of planer and heating element
-Weight: Type 160 = 4.8 kg, Type 250 = 8 kg, Type 315 = 9 kg




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