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Adaptor socket Rp PVC-U
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  • Tranzitie lipire fi
Adaptor socket Rp PVC-U
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material: PVC-U
tip: Adaptor socket Rp
presiune: 16 bar

PVC-U systems stand up to the most demanding conditions, particularly where media such as acids, alkalis, bases and salts are transported. Each of our product is designed to meet the demands of the customers in specific application areas such as distribution, treatment and sewage water, public and private swimming pools, thermal pools and spas, aquariums and aquaculture, irrigation and others.  

The PVC-U compound used is a stabilised unplastified polyvinyl chloride. Material chemical resistances according to ISO/TR 10358. The material shows very good characteristics in the temperature range from 0° to +60°C. Ensuring highest possible thermal stability and chemical resistance.

The universal solution covers all aspects of safety, efficiency and reliability required to build, maintain and operate industrial piping systems.

If you have any questions regarding the right material choice for your application please contact us. 

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