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Air compressed PEHD pipe
Air compressed PEHD pipe
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Tip: Teava PEHD
Presiune: 16 bari
Material: Polietilena

Compressed-air system for loads of up to 16 bar which is available in outer diameters from 16 mm to 110 mm. Made of PE 100 it is ideal for compressed-air applications. 
The material advantages that PE 100 is known for, such as toughness, flexibility and elongation at break, are ideal for the compressed-air pipelines and ensure optimal flow conditions. Compressing air also always creates condensation, which causes corrosion or patina inside metal pipes. PE 100 remains completely maintenance and corrosion-free, and even the machine oil from the compressor or many other chemicals   cannot  damage the material. PEHD PE100 pipes are insensitive to vibrations as  well to stress cracks, and impacts.
Thanks to their  flexibility, low weight  and very good  welding properties,  installation is easy and safe.
As is usual in the case of PE lines, they can be installed both above ground and underground because PE100 is UV stabilized.
Our  pipes are supplied as rods so linearity for a clean installation is assured when it comes to the installation of pipelines in visible areas.
Efficiency, and Operational reliability are important when it comes to compressed-air and PE100 pipes have completely smooth interior surfaces that prevent deposits effectively and this translates to 26% less pressure loss compared to other materials.

Methods of jointing:
- iJoint fittings.
- Socket welding fittings
- Butt welding fittings
- Electrofusion fittings

 Thanks  to  the   robustness and flexibility of  the  plastics,  the  pipes‘  smooth  interior  walls and the complete  lack of corrosion, a system typically remains sealed and deposit-free for decades  once jointed. 


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