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Material: PP
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Sewerage soundproofing - SILENTA 3A


Hakan Plastik  Silent 3A GF is a complete system designed for indoor sewage installations, offering multiple advantages to beneficiaries:

  • Comfort - thanks to excellent sound insulation. Using this system helps to increase property value and quality of life.
  • Safety – thanks to fireproof layer, according to standard DIN4102.
  • High impact resistance due to multi-layer construction.
  • Suitable for hot and cold water, temperatures between 0 ° and 97 ° C.
  • High resistance to chemicals and high temperatures.
  • The joint is made easy thanks to push-fit system.


This system is used successfully in the following areas:

  • Offices and conference rooms.
  • Study spaces: schools, libraries, etc.
  • Sleeping spaces: hospitals, houses, residential, hotels, etc.
  • Commercial places: restaurants, industrial kitchens.
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